Coachella 2018.. Or Should We Say #Beychella2018?

Coachella 2018.. Or Should We Say #Beychella2018?

The music festival was headlined by triumphant sets by The Weeknd, Eminem, and (do we even need an introduction) Beyoncé.

The 19th annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival saw a spread of the who’s who of the music industry’s best. Celebrities, music-lovers, scene-hunters, Instagram influencers, and anybody who’s somebody from all over the world flocked to the desert planes of Indio, California for Coachella––the world’s ultimate festival to be seen at.

But what everyone’s talking about this year, easy––Beyoncé’s gut-busting milestone-achieving performance. (As if we didn’t expect any less, really.) Queen Bey took the stage for an incredulous 2 hours in a 25-track set that included hundreds of dancers and a full-on marching band.

Oh, and not to mention, the GOOSEBUMPS SHE GAVE US WHEN SHE REUNITED DESTINY’S CHILD BY bringing Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams up on stage with THE THROWBACK CHARLIE’S ANGELS pose. Yes. #RIPme.

She had to postpone her headlining set in 2017 due to pregnancy, but she returned to the stage like she belonged there, treating it like a family reunion, and a big homecoming pep rally. cue BEYHIVE rebel yell here

Her performance also included homages to the African American culture, where she evoked the spirit of another member of black royalty, Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, as she came out in a custom Balmain gold-crused cape and headdress.

Shortly after, she addressed education, donning denim shorts and a college-crested hoodie on a set decorated with a pyramid of bleachers, baton twirlers, and employed color guard dancers, as she Yoncé’d through two decades of her hits.

More and more love and family love flowed through the show as she ushered her husband onto the stage and performed a sneak preview of their upcoming summer tour On The Run II.
If the tears aren’t starting to roll, Yoncé tops it off by inviting her former Destiny’s Child members, her “sisters”, igniting the nostalgic hearts of all the #90skids in the audience. We lost it at “Lose My Breath”. And the Knowles sisters Solangé and Beyoncé blessed everybody’s timeline with a dance-off. Sigh.

Beyoncé is always known for creating whole new standards in her performances, and this reintroduction to the world after having her twins was exceptional. She also took the opportunity to honor black leaders and visionaries who have inspired her own artistry.

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