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As the Internet rapidly paves the way for on-demand content, we’re no longer bounded by the need to wait for our favourite songs on the TV or radio. All we need to do is open YouTube, load the song, and let our eyes and ears in for a treat. This leaves the success indicator of a song at the mercy of YouTube view rates. Two years ago, if a song can get over 100M view rates, that would be an incredible feat. Nowadays, over 100M view rates are standard for a popular K-Pop group. So another indicator for real success is how long it takes to achieve it. So which songs hit the benchmark for the first half of 2018?



Those who have been following K-Pop music knows that it is beyond the representations of what the two songs mentioned above. It is so unfortunate that this stigma to still be around until today, but the transition from the almost-comical Psy to the recognition of groups like BTS has shown a little maturity to what K-Pop is known for. So how did they do it?


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The American music scene is full of surprises and that is exactly what makes it exciting. No matter where you may be from, we cannot escape the impact of American music have on us from the TV to radio. Each year, it is filled with so many great moments and this year has been equally as exciting even though we are only halfway there. From the good and the bad, we present you with some of the biggest 2018 moments in American music, so far. 1. This list would not be right without kicking off with Beyoncé headlining the Coachella...


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