The 'War of YouTube Views': Which Girl Group Beat TWICE?

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The 'War of YouTube Views': Which Girl Group Beat TWICE?

As the Internet rapidly paves the way for on-demand content, we’re no longer bounded by the need to wait for our favourite songs on the TV or radio. All we need to do is open YouTube, load the song, and let our eyes and ears in for a treat. This leaves the success indicator of a song at the mercy of YouTube view rates. Two years ago, if a song can get over 100M view rates, that would be an incredible feat. Nowadays, over 100M view rates are standard for a popular K-Pop group. So another indicator for real success is how long it takes to achieve it. So which songs hit the benchmark for the first half of 2018?

BTS - FAKE LOVE : 8 Days, 9 Hours

In 2018, BTS practically invaded the music world. Their first live performance of Fake Love wasn’t even in a Korean music broadcast show––it was at the Billboard Music Awards, and The Ellen Show. And thanks to the ever-growing ARMY, whose strength is indescribable, BTS’ YouTube performance are off the charts. From 2017’s release of “DNA”, which took 24 days and 2 hours to reach 100M, Fake Love only used 1/3 of the time to achieve the same result.

BLACKPINK - DDU DU DDU DU : 10 Days 6 Hours

Despite going off-ish the radar for about a year, BLACKPINK never lost their touch, and their fans. In fact, fans did everything they could to show their devotion. Even though the MV style of DDU DU DDU DU resembled “As if it’s your last”, fans all over the world loved it anyhow, and made BLACKPINK the strongest competitor of BTS on YouTube, while at the same time maintaining their position among all K-Pop Girl Groups.

TWICE - What Is Love : 37 Days

Compared to the aforementioned K-pop giants, TWICE’s performance on YouTube is subpar. They took it back to the classics, using 9 timeless Western movie scenes, and reenacted them in the most visually enticing ways possible for the song. It didn’t only attract the fans, but also the general public. TWICE’s fan growth rate is slowing down as it’s been 3 years since they debuted, but the fanbase remains solid as ever. If they want to revive themselves, it may require great bangers like “TT” or “Cheer Up”. And instead of emptily chasing BTS or BlackPink’s results on YouTube, what they need to do is focus more on pushing their boundaries, making themselves as one of the best K-Pop Girl Groups in history.

In order to be the fastest to achieve the 100M view rate, it requests a certain type of power. What makes power? It all boils down to marketing––managing expectations, building expectations, exceeding expectations, all that jazz. Sometimes, a good song cannot be defined by how much awareness or noise it garners or makes, but how long the freshness of a new song can last. Apart from the fastest achiever, which song accumulated the most view rates in the first half of this year?

  1. 防彈少年團-FAKE LOVE              191,051,241

  2. MOMOLAND-BBoom BBoom     185,415,457

  3. TWICE-What is Love                   142,030,555

  4. iKON-LOVE SCENARIO               115,821,158

  5. Red Velvet-Bad Boy                     112,874,406

Since we’ve covered BTS and TWICE, let’s set our eyes on the other three groups. Infant group MOMOLAND’s BBoom BBoom skyrocketed them to the top, and garnered them international recognition and attention as well, as they went viral in countries all over Southeast Asia. For a new group, this kind of attention is noteworthy. But the question is: can they keep this up for the next song? They’re prepping for a comeback in July, let’s keep our eyes and ears peeled!

iKON’s Love Scenario is the first song of the group to achieve a 100M view rate on YouTube. The MV itself isn’t significantly remarkable. It’s not eye-catching, and was quite minimal at best. But it was the song that placed it in its spot. The song had everybody’s earworms working and occupied the No. 1 spot on streaming platforms for months. If YG had put a bit more spunk into iKON, there is a possibility that they would be following in Big Bang’s footsteps as the main boy group of YG!

As Girls’ Generation parts ways, it is all up to SM Entertainment’s main standing girl group, Red Velvet. “BAD BOY” is their first song to hit 100M, and although it took them a much longer time to achieve it compared to BlackPink and TWICE, Red Velvet is still a main contender. If SM Entertainment focuses more on getting them more good songs, the inter-agency “war” for the best girl group would be way more entertaining!

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