iKON Released Their Comeback Poster (Again)

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iKON Released Their Comeback Poster (Again)

The instagram incident between YG and CL is not over yet, and fans keep asking CL to leave YG for a better career, as CL hasn’t done a comeback in a long time. But things are looking brighter for iKON and their fans, as their idols are going to make a comeback again!

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On July 16, YG Presents shared a comeback poster for iKON revealing the album name ‘New Kids Continue’, with the comeback date of August 2. While excited fans share the news to each other, YG Presents deleted the phone and inboxed the fans to delete the photo too, saying that it was a mistake to post the photo.


After this incident, on July 17, YG finally officially announced that iKON will do a comeback. It looks like YG really needs to get their heads together for their Instagram accounts to avoid any more “issues”.


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