Is CL Going To Leave YG After Her Instagram Issue?

Is CL Going To Leave YG After Her Instagram Issue?

On July 15, YG took to Instagram to praise Jisoo of BLACKPINK, but it resulted in CL leaving a comment to ask YG to reply her text message.




The issue started when YG uploaded a photo about Eun Ji Won saying Jisoo is unexpectedly cute, with a caption “Eun Ji Won’s original form. I like humans who are the same inside and outside. Must start recording soon…”, then CL left a comment below saying “Boss, what about me? #PleaseReplyToMyTexts.”


A lot of fans showed support to CL, asking her to leave YG after her comment, and CL ‘liked’ all the comments. There is one fan who left a comment saying ‘Don’t leave YG’, to which CL’s responded “U stay’.


Later on, CL took to her own Instagram to express how she felt by uploading a photo with a cat wearing a “boss” cap, and several white ‘hidden’ fonts saying “You’re being ridiculous (or “How funny”)”, “Do it (or ‘Go ahead’), and “Do whatever you want”. 

After this entire Instagram debacle, fans believe that this communication problem between CL and YG is serious, and that CL will leave YG soon. What are your thoughts?


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