Red Velvet Confirms Comeback on August 6

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Red Velvet Confirms Comeback on August 6

It’s a K-pop fever kind of heat indeed this summer, as we have BLACKPINK, TWICE, G Friend, MAMAMOO, and our newest addition, Red Velvet! They have finally confirmed their summer comeback for August 6 with their 6th mini-album ‘Summer Magic’.



According to the teaser, this album will have a limited edition version, as well as normal one. There will be 5 different covers for the limited edition version, distributed randomly. This means you’re going to have to try your luck if you want to get all the covers but only purchase 5!

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(Above: Pre-sale copies for the upcoming album is already making waves on the Internet)

It seems that SM really wants to push the sales copies for the first week! Red Velvet fans, how many copies are you going to buy?


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