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This year’s ‘Incheon Airport Sky Festival’ is looking rad as popular k-pop stars continue to join the lineup. The festival is hosted by the Incheon International Airport Corporation and is an annual outdoor event established in 2004. The first day will see the ‘Crossover Convert’, featuring pianist Yang Bang Un, musical actors Lim Tae Kyung, Kai, Kim So Hyun, and Korean traditional music artist Song So Hee. The K-Pop concerts will take place on the second day with performances by EXO, Red Velvet, NCT Dream, yyxy, IN2IT, and Weki Meki. Images: allevents.in, redvelvetupdates (Twitter)


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On August 11, a lot of fan-taken footage from EXO’s concert in Macau are going viral, as EXO members were seen with laser marks on their faces and foreheads, causing great fury among onlookers. They can potentially harm the human eye, laser pens pointed at any body figure is considered extremely dangerous.   I don't know who are you (who's pointing his/her laser(?) at sehun), but WTF! leave my boys alone! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 pic.twitter.com/XqErKtYEQv — This 'ㅅ' is me, right? (@exosmochi) August 10, 2018   After seeing the happenings, fans quickly allied to start the hashtag “#SM_Protect_Your_Singers”, beckoning the boys’ entertainment...



A lot of fans wanna get close to their idol, most of them will through the official channel, fan sign, concert, etc. However, some of the sasaeng fan will use another way, calling their idol non-stoply, for example.


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Nowadays, people post on their Instagram in order to gain more and more followers. However, this guy gained more than 1M followers, with only two posts, in ONE DAY. Who is he?!     Kai from the renowned popular K-pop boy group EXO just opened his personal Instagram account. And even though his latest post doesn’t show his face clearly, and has no caption, over 900K fans gave him a heart, with over 180K comments. It goes to show that people are really excited to see what content he’ll be bringing to Instagram.     As a fellow member, Chanyeol,...


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