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Seungri was part of tvN’s ‘Salty Tour’ where he talked about his and G-Dragon’s popularity among female celebrities. He says “G-Dragon-hyung kept getting calls from girl group members. I don’t know how they got his number. He would always boast who he got calls from.” He then revealed, “I thought maybe someone might contact me, and I would pick up calls from unknown numbers. Usually, people don’t really pick up numbers they don’t know, but I got happy when I got those calls. But when I pick up, they were all boy group members. I’ve never gotten a call from...


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Even superstars fall sometimes. On August 1, an exclusive report stated that G-Dragon was admitted to hospital at the military medical center in Pocheon for a total of 15 days from July 12 to July 27, to receive treatment on his right ankle.


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