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iKON’s 1st mini-album ‘NEW KIDS: Continue’ has topped a total of 24 iTunes album charts shortly after its release! The most they have achieved since their debut. The boy group has been hustling hard, as they have even expressed appreciation in how they have made two comebacks in a year. Their hit ‘Love Scenario’ skyrocketed them to fame, and now they’re in the top ranks for K-pop groups. They are currently preparing for their comeback stage on ‘Show! Music Core’ this August 4.


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While CL has been reeling over the YG Instagram issue, another of YG’s talent groups are in a better position, as they are preparing a comeback immediately following BLACKPINK’s. Today they just dropped their MV teaser of their comeback song “Killing Me”.


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The instagram incident between YG and CL is not over yet, and fans keep asking CL to leave YG for a better career, as CL hasn’t done a comeback in a long time. But things are looking brighter for iKON and their fans, as their idols are going to make a comeback again!


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