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MONSTA X guested and performed at ‘Good Day New York’ last month, New York’s FOX affiliate. Recently, MONSTA X guested on another American morning show, this time in the West Coast: LA. They performed their latest track “Jealousy”, and chatted with the hosts about what they’re up to. The boy group talked to the hosts about what it was like to be on ‘The Connect’ tour, and more. Images: Mwave


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On August 11, a lot of fan-taken footage from EXO’s concert in Macau are going viral, as EXO members were seen with laser marks on their faces and foreheads, causing great fury among onlookers. They can potentially harm the human eye, laser pens pointed at any body figure is considered extremely dangerous.   I don't know who are you (who's pointing his/her laser(?) at sehun), but WTF! leave my boys alone! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 pic.twitter.com/XqErKtYEQv — This 'ㅅ' is me, right? (@exosmochi) August 10, 2018   After seeing the happenings, fans quickly allied to start the hashtag “#SM_Protect_Your_Singers”, beckoning the boys’ entertainment...


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Are you on that “Ba-banana Ba-ba-banana-nana” jam yet? Red Velvet has kicked off their summer comeback with “Power Up” last night (August 8). And they already broke the record for the most streams for a K-Pop girl group song within the first hour, with 86,125 streams, and achieved real-time ALL KILL within two hours. What do you think about their song? Images: allkpop


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Recently, fans and media outlets have been eyeing CL’s state of well-being. Following an appearance at the Incheon Airport, where fans have noticed a significant weight gain and are speculating whether this may be from the friction with YG, fans think her health may not be in the best of conditions. CL’s direct communication on social media suggests that she is “fine”. She’s uploaded a still cut from her new Hollywood film ‘Mile 22’, and CL also thanked her fans in Singapore with a photo of herself on stage. Netizens believe that CL is simply getting ready for her U.S....


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SM Entertainment has confirmed rumors that Girls’ Generation is getting ready to debut a new unit. The label said that the unit is preparing an album to be released in the second half of the year, and details are to follow. It’s been 6 years since the debut of their first unit, TTS. And currently, the members left in SM Entertainment are Taeyeon, YoonA, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sunny. The favorite fan-demanded unit, SHY, may be difficult, as Sooyoung is no longer with SM Entertainment. Which members do you think will be in the unit? Images: Channel-K, Girls'Generation


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