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K-Pop Boy Group NU’EST W used handwritten letters to announce their officially confirmed comeback date, June 25! Each of the members wrote their own handwritten letter to their fans to announce the news, as well as apologising for the long wait. They also want to use the new album as a gift to their fans. NU’EST debuted at 2012, and is the record holder of the highest view rate in YouTube for a debut song. But it was short-lived, as four of the members joined Produce 101 season 2, which made them regain attention from the public. We are so...


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Nowadays, people post on their Instagram in order to gain more and more followers. However, this guy gained more than 1M followers, with only two posts, in ONE DAY. Who is he?!     Kai from the renowned popular K-pop boy group EXO just opened his personal Instagram account. And even though his latest post doesn’t show his face clearly, and has no caption, over 900K fans gave him a heart, with over 180K comments. It goes to show that people are really excited to see what content he’ll be bringing to Instagram.     As a fellow member, Chanyeol,...


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Every month, the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation will announce which idol group has achieved the highest brand value. Here is the top 5.   5. BlackPink Even though they’ve been mostly inactive throughout the month of May, the popularity of these girls haven’t gone down. We foresee a jump in the charts for them in June.   4. TWICE While they are busy developing their Japan market, Korea still pays a lot of attention to TWICE, making them the highest girl group on the chart   3.EXO No Comeback, no new stage, still the same EXO members being EXO members,...


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Ever since K-Pop Girl Group sensation BlackPink announced their comeback for 15th June with their first mini-album, everyone has been on edge about what songs that will include.


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