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Would you leave the show immediately after your idol finishes their performance, even when there is another performance going on? People are accusing Wannable (nickname of Wanna One’s fans) for lacking that etiquette at the 2018 Ulsan Summer Festival. On July 23, the first day of the festival, Wanna One, Seventeen, TWICE, NCT 127, G-Friend, Big Bang’s Seungri and more joined the performance lineup. According to a post published by an audience member, after Wanna One finished performing, their fans left immediately, noisily, greatly disturbing Seungri’s performance, compelling the organizer to replay the introduction video of Seungri. The audience said...


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It’s a K-pop fever kind of heat indeed this summer, as we have BLACKPINK, TWICE, G Friend, MAMAMOO, and our newest addition, Red Velvet! They have finally confirmed their summer comeback for August 6 with their 6th mini-album ‘Summer Magic’.


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A man has put up threatening posts online with the title ‘TWICE left our country and is making tons of money in Japan’, where he told them not to come back to Korea again, or he will use 10L of acid to attack them. After receiving reports from fans, JYP has taken legal action and the man has been arrested. He told the police he “sent threats because [he] was in a rage when [he] heard about them debuting in Japan.” TWICE debuted in Japan in July 28, 2017, with album #TWICE, where they gained popularity in Japan with the...


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It all started when a slightly older song by artist Nilo caught everybody off guard by hitting No. 1 on the music charts, even beating TWICE, EXO CBX, Wanna One, and all the other popular groups out. Nilo’s company has stated that they’ve used Facebook boosting and other methods to encourage people to listen to the song, but some people are discovering that even if they haven’t listened to the song, their records show that they have. Despite the platform reform from days earlier, another song managed to do the same thing from an artist called SHAUN. People are also...


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After a year of waiting, after their release of their mini-album 《TELEVISION》, Block B’s Zico has finally confirmed his solo comeback with a digital single featuring IU on July 30. 


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